Japonisme International is a company that was born out of love and passion towards anything "Japonisme" - a french word that means the spreading of anything about Japan's culture and its repercussions. Both traditional and modern and everything in between.

Started business selling arts and antiques to worldwide collectors, curators, and galleries and leveraging on curating the best selection of Japanese craftsmanship and products with competitive pricing and top-notch services for the premium class clientele.

On the side, the company challenges the contemporary side of Japanese culture including pop cool-ture. Aiming to build a platform uniting the worldwide Japan love under one portal and channel and supporting the growing popularity of this "Cool Japan" phenomenon and leveraging all materials and contents for maximum social media propagation.

It is constantly evolving and integrating new elements in pursuing its mission to spread the love and appreciation of Japan's fascinating and rich culture/cool-ture and hopes to create newer revolutionary trends that will forever be cherished by generations to come.

With a small pool of talented, passionate and enterprising people, it aims to grow brands and establish trends in marketing and e-commerce that shall emphasize the appeal of Japonisme to the non-Japanese. Being inspired by the local elements and being as foreigners promoting Japan outside Japan to fellow non-Japanese, in the eyes of a pure Japanophile. What a better way to promote Japan by interpreting it from the quirky and sensational tastes and perspectives of being a fan of it at the same time.

We hope to grow this same love and dream as we embellish and immerse ourselves with the "cool movement" that this synergy of modern and traditions can only bring forth.

Come and ride the wave with us.